Kristina från Duvemåla

EVA-LOTTA in "Kristina från Duvemåla!


Kristina is a musical by Benny Andersson, Bjorn Ulvaeus and Lars Rudolph's son, built on Vilhelm Moberg's emigrant epic.

In a small crowd of people from Ljuder parish in Småland grows the dream of America stronger when famine, patronizing and religious persecution makes it unbearable for them to remain in their community. The new country has ground to all and offers the one who venture onto the long, dangerous journey a refuge and a future. It opens up for those who yearn for the freedom they denied where they are now. A few brave men and women heed bid and embarks on the risky journey across the Atlantic. Among them are Kristina, Karl Oskar, Robert and Ulrika.

The world premiere took place in Malmö in 1995. It became an amazing success. Swedish musical history had been written. Kristina then commuted between Malmö and Gothenburg Opera Music Theatre before it was put up at Cirkus in Stockholm in 1998. When the curtain went down in 1999 had over 1,000,917 people watching the show.

In 2012 became the Swedish Theatre in Helsinki the first theater outside of Sweden to set up the musical. The set got rave reviews even in the Swedish media. "World Class" (SR), "A magical masterful musical" (Aftonbladet), "Magnificent, simple and very beautiful" (DN).

In October 2014, it was the Gothenburg Opera lucky to have premiered at Kristina and it was a great audience and critical success with sold-out houses.

When the musical re-opens at Cirkus in Stockholm in September 2015, we see starring Mary Ylipää (Kristina), Robert Noack (Karl Oskar), Birthe Wingren (Ulrika) and Oskar (Robert) - the same quartet in Helsinki and Gothenburg.