COSI FAN TUTTE, Skånska Operan
"Of the women, Eva-Lotta Ohlsson is noted for her demanding but well mastered arias"
Lage Olsson, Barometern - OT 24/7-14

"A singer who let Mozart kiss a reality show have to let yourself go. Among the contestants is Eva-Lotta Ohlsson's lyrical Fiordiligi that best manages to open up both gesticulation as klang, in the bottom and on the height."
Anna Svensson, Sydsvenskan 7/7-14

L´ELISIR D´AMORE , Gothenburg Opera
"Mention must also soprano Eva-Lotta Ohlsson's soft melodious Gianetta."
Åsa Mälhammar , Tidskriften Opera no.1 2014

SKÅNSKA OPERAN 20years Anneversary Concert , Malmö ConcertHall
"Among the stellar moments were found Eva-Lotta Ohlsson singing Susanna´s Rose Aria, it really moved"
CarlHåkan Larsén , Sydsvenskan 24/11-13

PETERS BRYLLUP , Copenhagen Opera Festival
"The German baroque ensemble L' arte del mondo under the leadership of Werner Erhardt played woody habilt, but it was sung well, not the least of several Swedish singers, including Eva-Lotta Ohlsson "
Lennart Bromander , Tidskriften Opera no.4 2013

MY FAIR LADY , Skövde City Theatre
"Opera singer Eva-Lotta Ohlsson shines in the role of flower girl Eliza, with both singing and acting."
Lisa Bring, SN 22/10-12

"Eva -Lotta Ohlsson is a true pro in every detail. She sings well and plays her Eliza so well that the most hardened critics hearts soften. And her shifting between peasant dialect and upper-class diction works in a fun way . "
Bo Borg , 22/10-12

THE RAPE OF LUCRETIA , Vattnäs Concert Barn
"Male Chorus is the biggest role, written directly for Peter Pears, and Göran Eliasson brings great authority immediately in control of the audience, soon aided by his equally strong feminine counterpart Eva-Lotta Ohlsson. "
Bo Löfvendahl , SvD 16/7-12

" For the most moving drama standing Göran Eliasson who hypnotizes with a spooky voice and almost psychotic look, well matched by Eva -Lotta Ohlsson's rich voice as Female Chorus. "
Jennie Tiderman , 15/7-12

DIE ZAUBERFLÖTE , Gothenburg Opera
"Pamina (Eva-Lotta Ohlsson) was the vocal highlight."
Magnus, 11/6-12

SICKEN TYKEN TID , Revy Stenhammarsalen Gothenburg
"Eva -Lotta Ohlsson contribute energy, comic brilliance and fine singing, not least in its interpretation of Bette Midler's The Rose. Ballad included in a moving tribute to the colleague and friend Lasse Brandeby who would have been included in this show."
Johan Lindqvist , GP 22/2-12

LA BOHÈME , Gothenburg Opera
"Musetta interpreted brilliantly by Eva-Lotta Ohlsson. This soprano bursting with life and character feels very credible."
Thorvald Pellby Pettersson, SR Radio Sjuhärad 28/4-10

THAÏS , Gothenburg Opera
"The supporting cast holders do a very good job of creating the context in which the main characters can act. Two young voices I definitely want to hear more of in the future is the soprano Eva-Lotta Olsson and mezz Erika Sax. In their roles as erotic priestesses in Thaïs court feels the vital in their youthful freshness and with voices that bodes very well for the future. "
Bear Ekblom , 5/3-10

CHRISTMAS CONCERT , Cassels Concert Hall in Grängesberg
"The soprano Eva-Lotta Ohlsson was a pleasant acquaintance. / ... / Ohlsson diminuendo was a pleasure. It is also Ohlsson's merit to the concert ends with an exclamation mark. Diction, feel and voice processing is exquisite in Sibelius Julvisa. A very firm, standing crowd demands an encore after Oh holy night."
Jens Runnberg , DT 14/12-09

DIE ZAUBERFLÖTE , Gothenburg Opera
"But let me start with the viable, which flashes up in individual accomplishments. These include Papageno's duet with Eva-Lotta Ohlsson Papagena, a girl with a mind of its beak as like the other women in Bergqvist's interpretation knows to demand it she will nest with."
Sofia Nyblomgruppen , SvD 1/11-09

"Papagena (cocky funny Eva-Lotta Ohlsson) has a nice list of requirements for conditions of egalitarian marriage with Papageno."
Gunilla Brodrej GT 29/11-09

"For a performance marked by vocal timbre beauty and expansion, coupled with mature artistry"
From The jury

"Eva -Lotta Ohlsson has a mature, smooth and articulate voice, exemplary subtitles and a theatrical gambit of the highest quality. She does not need to limit her repertoire, no genre seems to be foreign to her. / ... / She will go far if she has enough elbows. The endowment, it is she ! "
Richard Berg, Eskilstunakuriren 20/7-09

"Ohlsson 's vocal performance was Particularly impressive When She sang the" Song to the Moon " from Rusalka by A. Dvorák and " Je veux vivre " from Romeo and Juliet by C. Gounod. She overpriced excelled with pieces by V. Bellini and R. Strauss. "
Susanna , 24/6-09

ROMEO & JULIET , Gothenburg Opera
" ...this human being has an enchanting voice and additionally the right, girlish charisma that makes her Julia credible. "
Life Landell GT 30/5-09

LE NOZZE DI FIGARO , Skånska Operan SummerFestival
"And Susanna! Eva-Lotta Ohlsson chick named will go far! Very far. Such voice . / ... / She could be behaving completely believable. Which is a rare ability of an opera singer." 28/-08

" ... And by the phenomenally well -singing Eva-Lotta Ohlsson, who gives his Susanna breadth, depth, and an earthy tone in both singing and games "
Fredrik Fischer, Trelleborg Allehanda 23/7-08

" ... And Eva- Lotta Ohlsson his lively and energetic Susanna with a well-stocked palette of colors and emotions in their beautiful shimmering soprano . "
January Håkanson, Hallandsposten 15/7-08

"Eva -Lotta Ohlsson, Susanna, was the collateral itself; well balanced in all respects."
Michael Ankarvik , Skånskan 10/7-08

"Soprano Voices that Eva-Lotta Ohlsson (Susanna) and Bianca Muratagic (Rosina), one expects that barely hear in a primitive summer barn. Their arias bears listened with breathless attention. "
CarlHåkan Larsén , Sydsvenskan 6/7-08

DON GIOVANNI , Academy of music and drama , Gothenburg
"In this conception, it is mainly the female role holders that impresses and wins the game. / ... / Eva-Lotta Ohlsson as Donna Anna, the sharpness of the sound and ease of appropriation required for music's secrets must make themselves known."
Magnus Haglund , GP 18/5-08

FÖRKLÄDD GUD , Gothenburg
" ... Eva-Lotta Ohlsson has a magnificent voice. "
Hakan Dahl , GP 11/4-08

LE NOZZE DI FIGARO , Gothenburg Opera
"Eva-Lotta Ohlsson´s Barbarina who storms in like a cross between Pippi Longstocking and Little My and with promising vocal resources."
Sara Norling , DN 20/3-08

ULRICEHEMN 700 YEARS , Anniversary concert
"What was offered was of the very highest caliber.
Eva-Lotta Ohlsson broke with honor than Susanna´s Rose Aria from The Marriage of Figaro .
There ... I mainly stuck for at Eva -Lotta Ohlsson was Adele's laugh - aria from Die Fledermaus, where she showed her great technical brilliance."
Bernt Carlsson, Ulricehamns Newspaper 3/1-08

"Eva-Lotta is a bargain in the lead role. She has a face that can shift directly from a smile that could melt an iceberg to a sweet sorrow that evokes emotion. And she sings perfectly"
Bo Borg , Skaraborgs Allehanda 9/10-06

"The leading role, Magnolia, is verging on perfect Eva-Lotta Ohlsson. Her voice is spot on. And she knows how to switch between the glittering happy and sad as a valiant and faithful Bambi "
Bo Borg , GP 9/10-06