Salzburger Hof

During week 34, Eva-Lotta has once again been invited as "The Weekly Artist" to the beautiful hotel Salzburger Hof in the village of Bad Gastein, Austria.

This year she brings with her artist colleague Linus Ingelsbo and at the wing Björn Eriksson.


TSO (TeaterSällskapsOrden) in Gothenburg's annual VÅRYRA on the 25th of May at 18:00, on the Gothenburg Opera's big scene.
This year Eva-Lotta will be returning as one of all the brilliant artists who together offer a cheerful and exciting program.

The Unsavory

FINALLY - Now we can finally reveal a long, well-kept secret ! !

This Summer Eva-Lotta will be part of this star-studded ensemble. She is extremely happy and proud and look forward to the summer with excitement.