Kärlek på Lur

At our regional theaters are promised two short comic operas from different centuries. 

PREMIERE September 27, 2014 
GöteborgsOperan Skövdescenen 

Performances in Skövde and at Kronhuset in Gothenburg. 
Performed in Swedish.

Opera buffa in two acts by GIOVANNI BATTISTA PERGOLESI (1710-1736). 
Libretto by GENNARO ANTONIO FEDERICO based on a play by J A Nelli. 
Swedish translation by Carin Bartosch.

In history's first comic opera, Pergolesi's La serva padrona (The Servant Turned Mistress), dating from 1733, the wilful and temperamental serving girl, Serpina, has given herself the task of hooking her brusque master as a husband. Through cunning, she finally marries him and thus becomes mistress of the house.


A comic opera in one act by GIAN CARLO MENOTTI (1911-2007). 
Libretto by the composer. Swedish translation by Nils Castegren.

In Menotti's The Telephone, dating from 1946, a young man, Ben, tries to find the right moment to propose to his garrulous girlfriend Lucy, but he is constantly interrupted because she has to answer the phone. Finally, he comes up with a solution as to how to get to speak to his beloved.


The house soloist, Mattias Ermedahl, has directed several opera productions before, but now he is doing it at The Göteborg Opera for the first time. He is directing La serva padrona and is also performing as Ben in The Telephone, directed by Mia Ringblom Hjertner. After several successful productions for children and teenagers, she is now directing her first adult opera. Soprano Eva-Lotta Ohlsson faces the challenge of playing both strong-willed Serpina and Lucy.

The show will play at the Gothenburg Opera Scene in Skövde Skövde tour in West Bengal and the Crown in Gothenburg.