Judas Maccabeus - Händel

On April 13, 2014, you are invited to sit down in the salon at the Gothenburg Concert Hall and enjoy the performance of Handel's oratorio "Judas Maccabaeus ", conducted by Finn Rosengren . Judas Maccabaeus is Handel's most performed oratorio by Messiah. And at least as good !


The piece is based on the stories of how the Israelites during military commander Maccabaeus drove out the Syrian occupiers of Judea and rededicated the Temple in Jerusalem in 164 BCE This is celebrated today in the Jewish holiday Chanukah - Light party.

The music consists of a string of brilliant arias and körinsatser - the whole three choirs are on stage! The music is diverse in nature ; grief, fight song , prayers to God for help, victory cheers and praises . Everything depicted with baroque transparency and brilliance.

Judas Maccabaeus premiered April 1, 1747 in Covent Garden , in a time of civil war in England. Handel dedicated work the Duke of Cumberland, who saved the royal family . There was of course a runaway success in London and is still very popular in England.
In Sweden, this music too rarely stated . This is therefore a unique opportunity to listen to a fantastic baroque works !
One of the choirs is the famous "See the conquering hero comes " with great horn voice, the melody can be recognized in the hymn " Daughter of Zion " . The oratorio ends as it should be with a mighty "Hallelujah " clause .
At the concert involved GöteborgsOperan both youth choir . Together you will be offered 200 singers , full orchestra and five talented soloists in the country's best concert hall - a musical experience you should not miss !

Mathias Zachariassen , Judas Maccabaeus , tenor
Anton Eriksson, Simon Maccabaeus , bass
Eva-Lotta Ohlsson, Israelite woman , soprano
Monica Danielson, Israelite, alt
Johanna Rudström , messenger, mezzo-soprano
Conductor Finn Rosengren
Gothenburg Konsertkör
The Göteborg Diskantkör
Göteborg Opera Children's Choir